Saturday, 11 July 2015

Top Ten Summer Beauty Products

So the English Summer season is finally here and I want to share with you my favourite products that I love using now the warm weather is back. More skin is always shown so I think its a time where people really start to take more care of themselves and try and get a halo glow. Although it isn't just about skincare so I have chosen ten varied beauty products that I will be reviewing for you in case you were thinking about going to buy them yourselves! Each review has a link to a website where you can buy it. 

So the first thing I think of when somebody says Summer is getting a tan. Nothing looks better and more flattering having a summery dress on with a bronzed glow. I have tried so many tan products but so far this Summer I have defiantly loved 'Garnier's Summer Body.' It is a gradual tan lotion, although you get a natural looking tan within the first few days if used daily. You don't have to wait two weeks like some products. The apricot extract also gets rid of the fake tan smell so I think it is a perfect summer buy! 

On top of a tan I always like to put on a oil or moisturiser to make sure my skin looks healthy and golden. Carrying on a Garnier theme here, this 'Beauty Oil' is perfect to pair up with a tan. Your skin literally glows and doesn't feel sticky or oily. Also, I really don't like using body products with sparkles or glitter in them unless it's for a certain occasion, but this body oil doesn't make you sparkle at all. It just emphasises a tan and is perfect for the beach or poolside if you're wanting a natural and effortless look when really you spent a hour getting ready.  

It sounds ridiculous for me to be posting about cellulite and body lifts but if you have been working out a lot or loosing weight, this product is literally amazing!!
It just helps to tone up your skin and get rid of redness or any roughness. You only need a small amount to go a long way and you just quickly rub in circles to try and break up fat. It is pricey and there will be cheaper products out there but if you can afford it... 'Clarins' can always be trusted!

Moving onto skincare, I have not found a cleanser to beat the 'Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser.' I will never try any other make up remover because this works just so perfectly with my skin. I have acne prone skin that can also turn dry or oily. So this really helps to balance it out. It also comes with a cloth which gently exfoliates your skin while removing any trace of make-up. It really doesn't take long to use and it lasts months and months! This has to be my favourite beauty product all year round!

After cleansing my face morning and night I always moisturise! Actually, I have only just started to use the 'Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser' a few weeks ago, but so far I am really impressed with how my skin feels and looks throughout the day. I can get very oily skin through the day so I always try and get an oil free moisturiser, but one that still hydrates my skin so that it doesn't get dry. I would say that this product defiantly does this and because I use so many Garnier products I knew I'd be fine trying it out!

Last year when I went to New Zealand the plane journey was so long so the skin around my eyes got really dry, therefore after using some prescribed cream they got a lot better but still got dry on and off. So I wanted a cheap but moisturising eye cream that would make my eyes feel less tight after cleansing. Even though this 'Eye Cream' isn't expensive and there will be better eye creams out there I really love it! This must be the third tube I've brought and my eyes never get dry or puffy. It's really good if you are just starting to get into skincare but not wanting to spend a lot. 

Every night I have to use a prescribed acne cream which really clears my skin but also makes it really dry. So just before going to bed each night I use this 'Botanics Ultra Calm Serum' to help moisturise and get rid of any redness. It doesn't cause me to get any spots so it is perfect if you have sensitive skin. I have defiantly seen a huge improvement since using this and now use it every night. 

Moving onto haircare, I know some heat protect sprays can make your hair greasy but this 'Tresemme Heat Defence' really helps to keep my hair healthy but without making it greasy wherever you've sprayed it! It also lasts for absolutely ages as well so defiantly a money saver!

I don't suffer with really frizzy hair but I think the ends can get dry and difficult to style after too much heat. I use 'Frizz Ease' about once a week after washing and conditioning my hair to help keep it healthy and shiny. I also think that it's perfect if you have curly hair to help fight frizz.

So this is totally different to anything else I have mentioned but this is literally one of my favourite beauty products ever!! My nails are prone to chipping, peeling and just generally not wanting to grow. Although ever since using 'O.P.I Nail Envy' my nails have grown so fast and even though they do break now and again they have got a lot thicker and healthier. Now I have lovely nails that are finally getting long without peeling or chipping. I could not recommend any nail polish more! It is pricey but lasts for ages, it's one of them products that you just have to spend money on! 

I hope you've enjoyed my reviews on each product! Please comment below if you have any of these and love them as much as I do! Look out for more beauty related posts soon!