Monday, 7 September 2015

Birthday Presents / University Preparation

Hello everyone! So this post has been meaning to go up for ages but along with a busy few weeks I have also had a summer project ready for starting University, so my blog has been delayed slightly! At first I was unsure whether to do this post and show a few of my birthday presents but seen as many people, including myself, are about to start University, I wanted to share a few things that I think would be perfect to start off my future as a fashion student instead of just showing presents! So these presents are from two of my sisters who, along with my other sister, have been amazing at preparing me for University. I can't get over what I got and how excited I am to start using them all! 

So first, this isn't a necessity for a fashion course but for any fashionista's out there, they will understand how much I love this present! I have always wanted one of these, because they're so vintage and pretty and inspirational. I am already inspired by how this can influence my future designs...

Next on the list to pair with my sewing machine is the loveliest sewing kit from Liberty's. Many people will know that Liberty's is famous for their lovely patterns and fabrics.. I have only had the chance once to look around the haberdashery but I could literally spend the whole day in that shop! I recommend it to anybody! I loved sewing at college and now at home so personally I find it really important to have my own pretty sewing items, it just makes me more interested and influenced! 

Moving on to my next sister.. If you read my last post then you will know that my birthday party was so pretty and all Alice in Wonderland themed, well I have got a few presents to match from London! At home I am known to literally finish off a large box of tea bags a month, so I am very, very pleased to know I have a huge supply of tea bags from many people! For Uni, I defiantly wanted a few pretty notebooks and storage containers etc, so I can't wait to start using all of my Alice in Wonderland items! My one tip for anyone not starting University till next year is to build items up overtime. I don't think it's possible to be too organised, you think you are until a month before you leave. So even little things like notebooks, bedroom decorations and course equipment, it helps so much! 

The notebook is decorated throughout with quotes and illustrations, look how cute it is...

If I was to recommend anything to collect for a fashion course, it would be pro-markers! They are used by so many famous illustrators and designers because they can make your illustrations look so 3D and real. I have been getting them as presents over the past two years at college and I can't believe that I have got these for my birthday, I absolutely love using them! Throughout University I will defiantly be posting pictures of my work including these. 

Last but defiantly not least is my beautiful Armani clutch bag! I love an accessory or piece of clothing that will suit so many outfits! I think they can be a necessity within a closet. Also, because of the quality it will last for ever. I will defiantly only be taking this on the fancier nights out... 

I also want to add, sometime earlier next year I will hopefully be going to Holland to visit my sister as a birthday present! So I will have some amazing pictures to post of what we get up to! I hope you enjoyed this post and my tips on a few University and birthday idea's. I also have a few exciting posts coming up within the next few weeks!