Monday, 13 June 2016

Graduate Fashion Week, Day 2

For people who don't know, I study Fashion Design at Bath Spa University. I studied it for two years at Barnsley College in South Yorkshire and now I am about to finish my first year at University way down south. 
Last Monday I got an amazing chance to go to Graduate fashion week along with my Uni. We show on the catwalk and in the exhibition so it was really exciting to look around and compare different Universities and their work. Bath Spa have been doing really well at Graduate fashion week and it made me so excited to be going with them and to sit and watch the catwalk. It was such an amazing buzz to watch the catwalk, as it was my first show I could not get over how exciting it was. The music, everyone crowding around the runway and the industry experts sat gossiping on the first two rows. I loved it. I can't get over that this will be part of my career in the future, so much so, I am volunteering to help out in London Fashion week in September. You can literally just volunteer for the day and it would be amazing experience. 
The exhibition stands were really interesting to walk around, as a design student and having a personal love for illustration, I was really nosy and looked at the most amazing portfolios from third years across the country. I definitely thought that 'The University of  Leeds' had the most professional and interesting portfolio's out of everyone, they actually ended up winning the portfolio award which is amazing. The illustration skills were so detailed and a lot of them, really feminine and pretty which is my sort of style within a portfolio. If you are a design student I think one of the best opportunities is to look at others designers work to gain inspiration, idea's and really to improve your own work. It does give you that push and I think that you can start to learn your own style when you are drawn towards a certain portfolio more. Also, as someone who really wants to improve within illustration, I would definitely say it helps to teach you new styles of drawing to then interpret in your own way. 

I just wanted to share a bit of information and a few photo's about Graduate Fashion week and how amazing it is to be there, especially on Brick Lane.. the perfect place for a mini photo shoot with friends in front of the graffiti walls, as well as the shops obviously. I have included a few photo's from my own camera to show how the catwalk looked and just so you can capture the feel of it, although it was so difficult to get a perfect picture from where I was sitting of every outfit, therefore I pinched a few photo's from to show a few of my favourite pieces.