Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Travel Diaries,19 in Paris

This week has been such a crazy week for me, first of all I have turned 19! Though most importantly it was in Paris with my sisters. I actually have two travel diaries to post, one in Paris and another in Holland as I am currently in Holland visiting my sister and brother in law, and then I went to Paris in between before coming back here! It has been a little busy! 

Explaining further, for my birthday present my three sisters got me a trip to Paris and Beyonce tickets for the Formation World Tour which was actually on my birthday itself. So it was the most amazing birthday present, especially because I listen to Beyonce non stop. So I just wanted to share a few pictures with you all, it was really nice to visit places that weren't just in the city centre and to see normal city life in Paris. I wanted to take pictures that did really interest me, so even little things like buildings, the shops and streets, it just all looks so pretty yet rustic, and inspirational. 

I just want to apologise as the photo quality isn't what I would have liked as I forgot my camera, so it is all by phone.

These few photo's are all around the area we stayed, which was about 30 minutes out of the centre on public transport but if you're in a big group we found it easier to catch a taxi which took half the time. It was so pretty and it would be amazing to live there, it had Parisian cafes on the street corners with bakery's and shops filling the rest of the street.

I think every one can guess what these photo's are, the Beyonce concert was literally the most amazing night of my life. The outfits she wore were insane, I can't believe she actually looks like that in real life, haha, she is so stunning. The dancers and background videos and effects were nothing like I've even seen before, you can just see how much effort goes into the show, I loved it! I am going to write a separate post on each outfit I wore in Paris, so you might see a few odd outfit pictures but because I don't have my camera I am going to take new pictures to post so that it looks more professional. I am also going to create a hair and make up tutorial on the look of the Beyonce night so there are quite a few posts coming soon! 

A few pictures of our day out in Paris city centre!

I really want to go back to Paris just for the weekend to stay on the montmartre and visit all of the fabric shops, it was the most cultural place and I love visiting areas where people actually live and have a life there, instead of millionaires row where everyone has a holiday home so it is actually empty. As much I love being around Dior, Balmain, Chanel and all of the other designers, I find smaller towns and shops and sights just as inspiring, if not more. Everyone can go to the smaller shops whereas not everyone shops at Dior, so it is really nice to visit all types of places and see everything. 
It has been the most amazing birthday week in Paris, thank you to my sisters!! and to Queen Bee! 

Two little GIFs to entertain us on the train back to Holland...