Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Summer Wishlist- Asos

I have been really ill the last weekend and through into some of the week so i'm really sorry not to have posted my holiday outfit post last week, but I promise it will be up at the weekend!
First, I wanted to share part of my summer wishlist, I am a nightmare for saving items on my Asos wishlist, I literally have about 200 items saved, I just find new outfits everyday. So some of these have been on Asos for a while and some are new, but I tried to choose a variety of a few different styles and looks that can be pieced together with staple clothes. 

I really love a body top at the moment, they are really easy just to wear with some skinny high waisted jeans, heels, and a sequin bomber for a casual day or night out. Then I move onto the off the shoulder style, I love the tiered lace! It looks so pretty and could be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a day look. With white skinnies it would look amazing on holiday! A lot of items I have saved are cami style tops or dresses, I think they're super cute and feminine. I love the cami dresses especially for girly drinks out. Thrown in are two co-ords, which I think are both so summery and colourful, there is a more relaxed one for the beach day look, or a suit style one with the cutest cropped blazer. Definitely not last is shoes! I love snakeskin flats and heels, I just think that they dress up any outfit, especially with some black skinny jeans. Embellishment is also really in at the moment and I love the embellished heels, they are really pretty and would suit any outfit or colour. Another trend, metallics.. I love the copper small heels, they are perfect for a shopping day out with jeans and a body. It sounds crazy but you know when you can imagine an outfit in a certain place, I think these would be perfect for london! 










I really hope you love the wishlist, I will definitely make sure to do more, maybe a few for each season, and using other brands as well! If I do buy a few outfits from this wishlist I will make sure to post them and review! If you want to buy any, just click on the picture for the link.

Thank you for reading!