Tuesday, 27 September 2016

MFW- Favourite Looks & Trends

Milan Fashion Week is one of my favourites because I love Dolce and Gabbana, I literally have been waiting for their collection all through the past few weeks. I think that the style of Italian fashion week is so glamourous, there is always loads of embellishment and colour. So here are my favourites...

I love D&G lace style dresses, they make them sexy and feminine, they just look so elegant so they have to be on my favourites list. 

I need to get some high waisted shorts like this for holidays next year, they are so amazing and covered in embellishment. What dreams are made of! 

Italian fashion is always so powerful and this collection incorporates that so much. It really shows a graceful but strong side to each person who wears these amazing outfits. 

Lace again! Has to be my most favourite aspect to MFW.


This style is so casual and laid back but designed so well. You could wear it out for shopping or to work, or even on a night out. It is a classic, staple item that you can wear anywhere and that everybody needs in their closet.

As amazing as both of these outfits are, this picture will be the greatest and the most iconic one of the collection. 

Karl Lagerfeld has done it again, he is truly one of the greatest designers of our time, if not of any time, year or place. To be able to design for three different brands including his own, and to incorporate the look and style of that particular brand into each outfit is an achievement on its own, not to mention everything else that he does.
The coats in this collection are to die for, they are so stunning with the print details, or the extreme pockets, not to mention the shape. 





This brand would never be my first choice of outfits to wear but it is definitely one of my first choices when looking at catwalk images. Jeremy Scott always pulls off such a creative and different collection that is so eye catching. These swimsuits are a babe though...

NO 21

This brand is a new one that I have found in MFW and I love it! Especially this dress, it really has a 1920's style and silhouette.


Each outfit and individual garment for this collection has a classic and clean cut style, it is feminine yet practical and the colours are bright yet not garish. I love every single piece in the outfits I have chosen below! 

This collection really only needs a few words to describe it; bright, patterns, block colours and sexy.

So now there is only one fashion week left to review, and then I will put together pictures to say the newest trends and the trends that have stayed.
Thank you for reading!