Thursday, 15 September 2016

NYFW- Favourite Looks & Trends

New York Fashion Week has started and I am stuck to my social media to see the latest designs, beauty trends and models owning the catwalk. So for each four fashion week's I am going to pick my favourite looks and trends, I am also going to create separate beauty look posts inspired by the catwalk. I am loving New York Fashion Week at the moment so it has been so difficult to pick only a certain few from my favourites, but there is still so many outfits, maybe a little too many. So lets get started...

I think the main one to start with is one of the main models of the moment along with generation K, Gigi Hadid! The TommyxGigi catwalk was insane!! I love it when designers create new idea's for a catwalk to make it fun and the gossip is on everyone's lips, so a funfair can't really get much more fun, it matched the theme of the collection perfectly, along with a-listers lining the front row such as T-Swift, even from the pictures it just felt really family/ friendly oriented, energetic and exciting! I just loved it! These were my favourite outfits...

 Gigi had to be on here, I love the sailor theme, she looks so chic yet effortless! Just the same as Taylor Hill below, I think that she is so stunning, and she has been on so many catwalks already this fashion week! 

I love this american style athletic look, when watching a backstage interview with Gigi Hadid, she was saying about how different her style can be and how this collection incorporates that. 

Can we just take a moment for this coat...

So I'm not going to talk this much about every collection, I just wanted to talk a little about my favourite and how I love the concept of it. 

This whole futuristic style makes me think of New York fashion instantly. This brand have nailed it for spring.



I love the satin look at the moment, I think that it is so feminine and romantic, I am so happy that this trend is going to carry on gracing the catwalk. 

I think that the neckline is so amazing and different, I just love the shape and style of this dress. 


The off the shoulder look seems to be really in for an upcoming trend, it has a romantic yet effortless sense of style. 

I think that cut-outs can be perfect for a holiday look!


I think that this coat is everything, I love how it's belted at the waist and then open to reveal wide leg trousers, it is such a power outfit.


This swimsuit on a beach, yes, yes and yes. 


This coat styled with skinny jeans, red heels and a silk lingerie cami, or even a strappy bralet. It is such a bright and hot colour as well, perfect for any season!

This collection is one of my favourites out of NYFW, I think that it has got such a romantic and glamourous feel to it, just to put on a satin lingerie cami with some white, wide leg trousers. Literally this whole collection can be worn for so many different occasions, glam is an understatement.

So these designers, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia used to design with Oscar De La Renta himself and then after his death they left creating 'Monse', however they have now been announced to return to be the head designers there. So they now have to design for two, which I think is so amazing because they can put their own look into Monse, as well as putting a spin on Oscar De La Renta's timeless style. This collection is sexy yet almost professional.

I love the shape that this jumper and skirt creates, I think to be able to design so elegant as an Oscar De La Renta Ball Gown but then to design an effortless outfit that is still young and glamorous, that is the magic of fashion design.


So Prabal Gurung uses politics when concerning fashion, he is one of the designers who designed a t-shirt for Hillary Clinton's campaign. For this collection he printed speeches from famous women onto sleeves, the front of an outfit or trimmed in ribbon. I think that it is such a unique and even a supportive way of designing. 

No one does wide leg trousers like Rachel Zoe, this outfit is just as glamourous as Rachel Zoe herself. 

I love how beachy these two pieces look, you can just imagine wearing these in the Hamptons sipping champagne. Her clothes, for me thinking personally, always portray this sense of lifestyle and modern chic. It just gives off sophistication. 



Taking a moment for these beautiful dresses and shapes... 

So personally I don't think that Thom Browne's collection is my style but I loved the concept of the pool party. The models walked in gossiping and chatting away and then they took off their coats and hats to reveal dresses beneath and then their dresses to reveal swimsuits. I think that the idea is so amazing and so creative that each model was actually wearing three catwalk looks. 


This collection is perfect for the red carpet, I love the shimmering, iridescent tones, and the ruffles. A lot of designers have used ruffles but with a satin look whereas Marchesa have kept to a light and shimmery look.

This look reminds me of Balmain, but with a Marchesa spin. I love tassels, they look amazing in photo's, and they just create movement on any outfit. 

I think that this outfit is such a Bond girl power dress, it really reminds me of what Berenice Marlohe wore in Skyfall, it's powerful yet elegant and I think that the embellishment makes it so much more than just a satin midi dress, it gets instantly turned into a cocktail or a red carpet dress.

This collection is just so colourful, playful and fun. I love, love, love the bombers and the coats. With a playful dress underneath, what an amazing way to end NYFW. 

So I hope you enjoyed browsing through my favourites of NYFW, I know that I have posted so many different outfits but I really wanted to round up my style and my favourite pieces. London next...

Thank you for reading!

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