Monday, 17 October 2016

Makeup and Skincare Haul

While being at University the last year I have not had chance to spend money and really invest in makeup and skincare like I used to. So when I got home I wanted to buy really good products that I knew would help my skin and last me for ages as I had literally ran out of everything.

Starting with skincare I chose La Roche-Posay which I actually saw on a snapchat, the beauty editor of Glamour, Alessandra Steinherr does a sunday facial on her snapchat for different skin types and it is literally my favourite time because she is so amazing and knows everything and more about skincare. This skincare brand is amazing, I brought their 'cleanser', 'toner' and 'moisturiser' to see how the full set would work. I did wonder whether the cleanser would remove makeup properly, but I applied it all over my face and using a hot cloth I wiped away all traces of makeup. I then use the toner and spray it on my face and just let it soak into my skin, it feels so refreshing and cool. I then obviously use the moisturiser which is supposed to keep skin matte all day which is so true. Usually after cleansing, my skin will be oily an hour later and this really helps with that, my skin stays refreshed, moisturised and soft but not oily. I think thats the huge difference with creams for oily skin types, they still need to be moisturised but stop the oil and acne as well. 

Next on my skincare list is body moisturiser, I wasn't sure on what to buy and I really want to find one that helps red undertoned skin but having used 'Dove' before I know that their products are amazing and make skin so soft. Also this moisturiser was such a good price in Boots.

Moving onto makeup, I have never been able to find a foundation that makes my skin stay matte all day and doesn't feel like my face is oily if I touch it. I have heard so many comments about how amazing Chanel make up is and how it lasts throughout the day. At first I was unsure whether it was just the name that made the products but after using the 'Perfection Lumiere Velvet Powder Finish Foundation,' I just cannot get over how amazing it is. I don't get shiny, it doesn't feel like it is clogging my skin and it also has a powder finish which is so perfect for me. I also have been using it along with a sample which is the 'Le Blanc de Chanel Primer.' This can be worn by itself or under foundation and it just colour corrects, mattifies and even provides coverage, it creates an almost flawless effect. These two products together are just a match made in heaven.
To make these even better is the 'Chanel Soleil cream Bronzer,' I have used this before from a friend and having tried so many bronzers I have not found anything like it. It creates a perfect but natural contour, a highlight and a glowy yet not shiny finish. It blends so easily and it provides whatever coverage you would like, so a little for a light contour, but by brushing on more it can build up. I cannot recommend it anymore, it is my go to product.

Beauty Tip... The counter also give you a small type of spatula which you can see on the pictures, so basically you are supposed to scoop a little out and put it either on your hand or a palette so then you don't use your brush in the pot which helps to stop spreading germs and oil, this is such a perfect tip for oily skin! 

Next is a high street concealer, having heard so many reviews I thought I would try the 'Maybelline sponge eraser
 concealer.' I accidentally got a shade too dark which is so frustrating, the lighting in Boots is a nightmare for testing makeup but blended with a primer it instantly lightens up. It blends so smoothly and gives a perfect coverage, it doesn't clog but it covers dark circles and any redness. I will definitely be going back for a lighter shade.

Usually I use a more yellow coloured powder to help contour and cover any redness but I do think it looks so much more caked onto the skin and I want more of a natural look as my foundation and concealers provide enough coverage. The
'Mac prep and prime transparent finishing powder,' creates such a lovely matte and soft finish.

I always go back to Max Factor for mascara, it never marks under my eye, it creates long and deep black lashes and it definitely can give a false lash effect.
I think they are the most perfect mascara's and the one I have chosen is 'Glamour Extensions.' I love the packaging of this, it looks very sleek and the gold I think makes it look more expensive.

I am holding out for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder but until then I am going back to my favourite 'Soap and Glory Archery Pencil.' It creates a natural brow and really stays in place all day. I do feel like the colour is a little dark for me, I think that they should create more of a natural brown, however if blended in it really softens up.

Having run out of Nude lipglosses which are my ultimate go to product, I wanted to buy one that I could wear with so many different makeup looks on a day to day basis, I am trying the 'Maybelline vivid matte liquid.'
Even though it is a matt finish it still feels super soft and it doesn't flake, which I do hate with Matt lipsticks. This colour I would say definitely has a more pink tone, so I it is a brighter shade of nude lipsticks.

So that is all of my skincare and beauty haul, I know that there were so many products but I had to re-stock on half of my makeup and skincare bag so there was so much to buy. I really hope that you enjoyed reading through this, and that it has inspired you to go out and buy some of these makeup necessities.
. I am planning on starting a youtube channel within the next few weeks so I will make sure to make a video including all of these!
 Thank you for reading!