Friday, 7 October 2016

PFW- Favourite Looks &Trends

PFW is always my favourite, from the likes of major fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior and Balmain to red carpet dreams at Elie Saab and effortless style at Lanvin. There are many designers to love in Paris. 

I love that there is now a woman as the head designer of Dior, I think to say that it is such a feminine brand it is a huge step forward. Although, I have to say the collection is not my favourite so far, the inspiration is to create clothing for all types of women as well as being practical, therefore Dior can cater to a larger amount of customers. I think that this is such an amazing idea as women now work, exercise, run homes, have their own businesses, have girly nights out, and a small few appearing in front of millions of camera's every year. I loved the classic shapes of Dior and the new ways of recreating them, but I am so excited to see where Maria Grazia Chiuri takes the brand.

Balmain every year dresses to impress, the fabrics are so luxurious and draped perfectly. This collection is unusual compared to the others as Balmain usually uses tassels and embellishment to cover the dresses although I think that these garments look so much more effortless and chic. The colours are so beautiful and bright as well, they really stand out. 

This brand always has the most luxurious fabrics, it is always classic but still modern. I really love this collection, I think that it also caters for so many different occasions as well.


This dress is so gorgeous with its flowing, princess style bodice and skirt.

I feel like the cut out shoulder is really in at the moment so to create it with a zip is such a modern and stylish way to wear it. You could even fully unzip it and wear a really lacy bra underneath. This whole collection is inspired by sharks and I really think that in certain outfits you can really imagine the movement and an under the sea style.


I love the coats in these two outfits. A long coat over a gown is so feminine and elegant, coats can really add to any outfit! 

I love it when this brand create 'Valentino Red' dresses as it is their iconic colour which was named after the brand. They are so timeless and this dress is so on trend right now.

I love this new look for workwear, it is experimenting with the typical office outfit and creating it into something much more daring and not for a typical 9-5 profession. I think each outfit is tailored yet cool and fresh.

I have loved New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks so much, it has been amazing to find  new brands to lust after and to see all of the trends coming up. I really hope that you have enjoyed just glancing at my favourites and my next post will be up soon about the trends that are staying and the new ones coming in. So keep reading!

Thank you!